Subscription for Bondex HFE-ANC-DFW-HFE Charter Capacity
Publish time:2023/8/22 17:07:34

Dear Valued Customers:

In order to meet the needs of our valued customers for purchasing air capacity, Bondex sincerely invites all of you to participate in our Charter Capacity Subscription Activity. In order to ensure that all of our valued customers have a fair, impartial and open opportunity to participate, we have made the following rules which you need to fully understand before registering for this activity.

The Subscription activity is announced on the official website of Bondex International Logistics Co., Ltd., URL:

Description of the Subscription Activity:

1、 The Subscription Activity starts at 9:00 am on Aug 23, 2023, and ends at 17:00 on Aug 26, 2023. The subscribers can register for the Subscription Activity by sending an email to Registration by other means is invalid. After receiving the registration email, Bondex will revert the details of the Subscription Activity. The notice of the subscription result will be sent to the Subscriber's email contact address before 12:00 am on Aug 27,2023

2、 The final interpretation right for the Subscription Activity belongs to Bondex Air Transport Product Department.

3、 Customers who participate in the Subscription Activity are deemed to agree with the above contents.

4、 Contact information: