Promotion Conference on Hainan Retail Market Investment Opportunities and Prospects held in Shanghai
Publish time:2023/3/28 16:28:56

On March 23, the " Promotion Conference on Hainan Retail Market Investment Opportunities and Prospects" was successfully held at Bondex’s Shanghai Company. The promotion conference was jointly organized by Hainan International Economic Development Bureau, Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee, Bondex and KPMG China.

The conference invited nearly 20 leading retailers in the consumer goods industry at home and abroad to discuss how to make use of Hainan's advantages in policies and markets, grasp market opportunities, explore more trade cooperation, and conduct in-depth analysis and interactive sharing with the participants on issues such as policies, business models, logistics development and taxation, looking forward to jointly leading the sustainable development of the industry.

Mr. Tang Hai, Chairman of Bondex, sincerely thanked all parties for their participation and support in this promotion conference, and also expressed that Bondex hopes to achieve more far-reaching development in Hainan in the future by relying on its comprehensive strength, rich experience and professionalism in the field of supply chain logistics services, and the strategic measures in Hainan in recent years.

At the promotion conference, Mr. Fu Yuyuan, Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Department of Hainan Economic and Development Bureau, gave a key interpretation on the policy system of Hainan Free Trade Port and the China International Consumer Goods Expo, while Mr. Li Tairan, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Haikou Comprehensive Insurance Zone, introduced the investment opportunities and practices of high-end consumer goods in Hainan.



The innovation and application of retail scenarios combining with technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and AI are gradually leading the world. Digital technology will run through the whole life cycle of product design, manufacturing, circulation and consumption, which is also increasing the requirements for logistics services. In this regard, Ms. Li Jiayi, head of Bondex’s Contract Logistics Department, made a wonderful sharing on the current development status and future development trend of Hainan logistics.

In addition, Ms. Zhang Lanlan, Chief Partner of KPMG Hainan and Li Longjiang, Manager of the International Department of Hainan Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, also made interpretations on the tax system and banking work.

At present, Hainan Free Trade Port has become the best choice for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and outstanding talents to invest in business and realize their dreams. In such a promotion conference featuring sincerity, progress and a shared future, many participating enterprises have found opportunities and the bright prospects of logistics development in Hainan. The whole meeting was full of enthusiasm. After the meeting, many participants said that they would visit Hainan as soon as possible, looking forward to further exchanges and discussions with the government to put the cooperation into practice as early as possible for a win-win future.