Launch meeting of Strategic Cooperation Project between Bondex and 1data kicked off
Publish time:2023/3/24 14:30:00

On March 23, the launch meeting of the Strategic Cooperation Project between Bondex and 1data was successfully held.

At the meeting, Chairman of Bondex Tang Hai delivered a speech: I hope that this cooperation can give full play to 1data's scientific and technological endowments, help the Group strengthen the barriers of comprehensive capabilities such as technology and service, accelerate the construction of an international end-to-end one-stop intelligent supply chain logistics platform, and further provide quality services to users through high-quality digital transformation.

Lu Yue, partner and vice president of 1data, said that Bondex is a leading supply chain logistics enterprise in China and a leader in the digital transformation in the supply chain logistics. 1data hopes to help Bondex achieve quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency improvement through 1data's supply chain ultra-automation products and AI technology, accumulate rich data assets for enterprises, drive enterprises for better operation, achieve win-win cooperation, and lead the development of the industry.

Director of the Operation and Process Management Department of Bondex believes that this cooperation can better solve the work efficiency problem of "human-computer collaboration", reduce high-frequency and repetitive work, establish data standards, connect data islands, and make data play a greater application value, so as to help Bondex further realize the efficiency optimization of end-to-end whole business processes, promote accuracy, improve customer experience, and allow employees to put more energy to high value-added work.

After the meeting, leaders of the two sides made further communication and exchanges on the international logistics ultra-automation scenario, international service network layout, partner selection criteria and other contents, reached a deep consensus on the upcoming cooperation, and were full of expectations for the creation of a new industry ecosystem.

Bondex firmly adheres to the corporate goal and mission of "technology-driven supply chain, create greater value" and the core development vision of "being China's leading supply chain logistics service provider", and will further consolidate and give play to the advantages in customer resources, network layout, professional services and technological innovation. With a multi-level and multi-dimensional comprehensive business system, Bondex strives to help the industry development and promote social prosperity and progress through continuous value creation and innovation.