The 2023 Cloud Annual Meeting of Bondex Group Wrapped up
Publish time:2023/3/28 14:30:00

In February 2023, Bondex Group held the "2022 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference" online. With the theme of "Keep Working Passionately and Forge Ahead Courageously", the conference focused on the 2022 work summary and 2023 work plan, as well as the awarding to the outstanding teams and individuals in 2022.

This annual meeting was divided into four chapters, ranging from the development process of the Group, the annual summary report, the awarding ceremony, to the reaffirmation of Bondex Group's values. Each chapter reflected the spirit of unity and striving of Bondex people and the implementation of corporate culture. Time flies with its own step and wait for nobody. As we have walked through the tough 2022 and are facing the new 2023 together, all Bondex people fully recognize in their hearts that heavy responsibilities are on our shoulders, and we need to work hard proactively.

All regions and business units organized their employees to watch and study the conference online. According to the Group's strategic planning, they made their own corresponding work plans and reached a consensus on them. Many colleagues actively expressed their insights and determination. Bondex people have fully realized that "customer first" is the most basic foundation to expand our business territory, and unity and cooperation are the best weapons to defeat difficulties. As long as we unite to form a strong cohesion, the development of all work can form a good effect and finally achieve excellent results.

Green pine keeps green in bitter cold; clear water becomes clearer in wide sea. Time, the great magician, never betrays his promise to the strivers, and never reserves its praise to the strivers.

Let's keep striving together!