Gathered Hearts Make a Team—Bondex's Marine Business Department Held Its Annual Meeting in Hainan
Publish time:2023/1/9 17:48:56

On January 6, the annual meeting of Bondex's Marine Business Department, with the theme of "Integrating with common original aspiration, promoting connectivity with common efforts", kicked off in Sanya, Hainan. Mr. Tang Hai, president of Bondex Group, together with the main leaders and business backbones of the Group, attended the meeting.

President Tang pointed out at the meeting that in the face of the severe and complex macro business environment, we should insist on promoting our own ability and make our business stronger, better and more specialized with high confidence. Focusing on our strategic objectives, we should work together to promote the construction of maritime platform step by step solidly. Both in terms of management and systematization, we should also empower each other to boost the development of maritime transport business and the realization of the vision of "being a leading supply chain logistics supplier in China".

At the meeting, Vice President Wang Xiping and Vice President Zhou Shaoyu delivered speeches respectively. They said that we should continue to strengthen the organizational capacity, and further consolidate basic work with closer communication, cooperation, integration and connectivity to achieve united work force of "1+1>2". Facing tough business prospect, we should have the courage to overcome difficulties together in the future, making joint efforts to expand the basic market, enhance the Group's network and international capabilities, and create a bright future for the Marine Business Department.

After the meeting, the management team attended a two-day training course with the theme of "building a cohesive leadership team". All team members listened carefully, discussed freely and deeply understood the true meaning of team cooperation: building trust, facing conflict, making commitment, embracing responsibility and focusing on result. All participants said that they would integrate theory with practice apply what they learned in the future work.

In 2023, despite the further slowdown of global economic growth, China still has good opportunities for development. We should focus on the Group's overall strategic objectives, turn pressure into power, turn crisis into vitality, open a new stage in the changing situation, jointly promote the high-quality development of the Group with steadfastness, courage and perseverance, and write a new chapter in Bondex's business development.