Together for a Shared Future
Publish time:2022/6/24 14:30:00

On June 24, 2022, Bondex was awarded “Appreciation Plaque” by Samsung (China) Semiconductor. Mr. Tang Hai, Chairman of Bondex, attended the award ceremony and delivered a speech.

Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co. has always been in the ranks of global semiconductor companies with full range of products and advanced technology. In the event “Samsung’s 30 Years in China”, Bondex stood out from more than 1,000 global suppliers with professional and high-quality services, and was honored to participate in the event as a representative.

As a provider for supply chain logistics service, Bondex puts a highly value on client needs, provides quality products and services, systemizes booking, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, fully meets the logistics needs of upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain, completes efficient, safe and value-added end-to-end one-stop logistics services through personalized logistics solutions and empowers client supply chains so as to achieve value symbiosis.

Guided by one of our core values “Client First”, we Bondex employees keep in mind that in order to provide professional services for clients, we must gain thorough insights into the industries of our clients. Samsung Group is not only our client and partner, but also an important part of our interdependent business community. During the pandemic, we need not only the courage and determination to keep care and help each other and work together, but also the fighting spirit and perseverance to think one more step to satisfy and impress our clients. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of hundreds of colleagues, we have helped our clients to maintain a stable supply chain and achieve safe production in a complex and changing environment. All of the above have reflected the core values of Bondex and made us so proud and honored to be in such a wonderful company.

Bondex and Samsung will work together for mutual benefits and a shared future.