Warehouse service

  • Xi'an High-tech Zone Warehouse area

Export Processing Zone B Hengcheng warehouse

Comprehensive Bonded Zone Bondex warehouse

Bonded processing, Bonded warehousing,VMI

  • Nanjing STL bonded warehouse   
  • Kunshan Bondex VMI warehouse

Constant temperature and humidity storage, Bonded warehousing, VMI

  • Zhengzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone Jiexun warehouse
  • Hefei Comprehensive Bonded Zone Bondex warehouse

Bonded warehousing, VMI, Cross-border e-commerce services and etc.

  • Qingdao Port Warehouse Zone

Export container LCL , Bonded processing , Bonded warehousing, Global procurement and international distribution,  International transit, cross-border 

e-commerce services and etc.

  • chengdu Comprehensive Bonded Zone FTZ warehouse

Value-added services, Bonded warehousing, VMI          

Manual write-off, Customs clearance and Tax refund

  • Qingdao Airport Warehouse area

Warehousing, distribution city , international air transport import and export supervision, Cross-border e-commerce services1